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The frames we stock have been chosen for their quality, originality, and reputation. We go out of our way to source frames from all over the globe, including Italy, France, Japan and Denmark. It’s important to us to make your glasses unique, and that is why we are continually searching for the latest in fashion eyewear and updating our stock. This means that you won’t see your frame on every second person who walks by!

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Ophtalmology Glasses


Once your frame is sorted, you need lenses that are optically designed for your individual needs. Because no eye is the same and each person has different requirements, we offer you a wide variety of excellent choices in spectacle lenses. As an independent practice, we can guarantee you the best selection from the top lens companies such as Hoya, Essilor, Shamir, and Independent Lens Specialists. 


Contact lenses are often a more suitable solution if you require vision correction for sports, outdoor activities, if you have a high prescription, or simply if you don’t want glasses on your face.


As an independent practice, we’re not tied into having to use a particular brand, meaning that we can concentrate on finding the best fit for your eyes to maximise comfort and convenience.


Sometimes we even have access to certain lenses before they’re available to the general market. Whatever type of lens you need – daily wear, monthly disposable, soft lenses, hard lenses, custom fits, keratoconus, corneal grafts, or orthoK – we have it. 

Contact Lens Solution
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