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Eye Test


Our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that you will receive the best possible eye care. 

Your eyes are precious. Take care of them!


It is generally a good idea to undergo a comprehensive eye examination every two years, or more frequently if you are susceptible to certain eye conditions or eye disease runs in your family.

A comprehensive eye examination at Central Otago Optical takes around 40 minutes and includes:


  • measurement of your prescription for glasses or contact lenses

  • vision measurement

  • eye muscle assessment

  • health check of both the anterior and posterior segments of the eye

  • intraocular pressure measurement

  • basic assessment of the peripheral visual field

  • pupil testing


Most optometrists will have specific areas of expertise, and the team at Central Otago Optical is no different. We specialise in various fields to provide you with the care you need, including: 


  • Independent glaucoma management and co-management with opthamology (Hunter Hill)

  • Dry eye therapies and treatment

  • Difficult contact lens fitting (keratoconus, and post-surgical corneas in particular)

  • Orthokeratology

  • Behavioural Optometry

  • Orthoptics

  • CAA vision assessment - Civil Aviation Authority (Katie Hill)

  • Police Level 1 vision assessment (Taryn Johnn)

  • Metal foreign body removal


As a trusted practice since 1987, we are also registered with the Civil Aviation Authority, Marine Safety Authority, New Zealand Police and Defence Force, and are approved to carry out eye examinations for these departments.

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Contact Lens Solution


Orthokeratology (orthoK) is an alternative to laser surgery to enable a person to see without wearing glasses. It involves wearing a specially designed contact lens that gently reshapes the cornea while sleeping, like a night time eye massage, so that upon waking, the eye can accurately focus images onto the retina. This means clear vision without the requirement of glasses or contact lenses during the day. OrthoK was historically used to correct myopia (short-sightedness), but thanks to advances in technology, it can now correct mild to moderate levels of hyperopia (far-sightedness) and astigmatism. 


Chat to Hunter to see if this could be a good option for you. 


Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in New Zealand, and your risk increases with age. This disease causes gradual damage to the optic nerve and there are often no symptoms in the early stages.  You can develop glaucoma after an injury to the eye, or because of genetic, lifestyle, and other risk factors.


Early detection and treatment can help prevent vision loss. At Central Otago Optical, all of our optometrists can test for this. Hunter has been an approved glaucoma prescriber since 2017 which means he is able to diagnose, treat and manage mild or stable glaucoma.


Book an appointment with our team if you haven’t had your eyes checked recently.

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Many children who struggle with reading or concentration suffer from undiagnosed visual processing difficulties. While standard eye tests look at the physical functioning of the eyes, behavioural optometry looks at the brain-eye connection. Behavioural optometry incorporates physical, neurological, and developmental aspects of vision.


Get in touch with Central Otago Optical to chat with our behavioural optometrists Katie Hill,

Nikki Livingstone and Taryn Johnn 


Central Otago Optical is equipped with the latest diagnostic technologies, including: 


  • Optical coherence tomographer 

  • Automated Visual Fields Analyser

  • Retinal and Anterior Segment Camera

  • Pachymeter

  • Corneal Topographer

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